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Whether you are a small, medium or large business, website design remains an essential step. It contributes and promotes the development of your company. That’s why we should not see web design as an expense, but more as an investment. Today’s investment will generate more visibility and will be the foundation of your customers tomorrow.

That’s why we should always entrust this kind of project to qualified people. These people will have to take care to make the right analysis, create a good strategy and especially manage to distinguish you from the competition while respecting your brand image.

By doing business with us, you are assured of obtaining a unique and professional product that meets the needs of your customers in order to offer them a website that meets their requirements.

So, are you ready to let us design your future?



All our websites are adapted for the Responsive Web Design (RWD). That is, it will adapt to all types of mobile screens, resulting in a better customer experience and ease of navigation.

CSM WordPress

(content management system)

Keep your independence

Our website designs are mostly based on CSM (Content Management System). These tools were created to allow you to design, manage and optimize a website without having a high level of knowledge in web design.

You will therefore have the autonomy and flexibility to manage part of your site yourself. In addition to being able to supervise access to your databases, you will be able to design articles, add images, add products and much more.

CSM WordPress
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What type of website to create?

How do you choose yours?

Well, it starts with a good reflection on your needs and your business objectives. There’s no denying it, the budget aspect must also be taken into consideration. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the right one for your business.

The simplicity

A landing page is a web page, created specifically to showcase one thing. For example: an item you want to present or a new promotion. In fact, a landing page is, in a way, a digital business card. It is where a visitor “lands” after clicking on a link in an email or even on Facebook.

We will not hide that it is much less expensive to design a landing page than any other website. It is often composed of a few sections gathered on a single page:

  • Banner
  • About us
  • Services/Products
  • Contact

In short, if your goal is to attract the interest of your future customers with a promotion, this is the type of website design you need.

The blogger

Blogs are a particular type of website design. They are generally used to transmit very specific information on a subject, for example: a travel blog. Bloggers use these digital tools as a kind of diary. In the form of articles, they tell us about their experiences and discoveries. Some write a blog for personal use to feed their thirst for writing. Others manage to create a lucrative blog by attaching advertisements to their articles or by affiliating with suppliers related to the blog’s theme.

Furthermore, the beauty of adding a blog to your business website is that it brings in additional traffic and increases your visibility on the internet. Yes, because the more articles you have, the more content you will get, the more visible your website pages will be and the more traffic your website will get naturally.

Beware, to reap the success, the articles must be well written. That is, they must follow a certain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standard.

The seller

You want to sell items on the internet. Opt for a transactional site and increase your sales by making your products available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anywhere in the world.

A transactional site is also an online store with a secure payment method, loyalty programs and promotions.

Come on, it’s time to get rich while you sleep with a transactional website design.

The complete one

A regular website will help you put forward a brand image similar to the Landing Page. More exhaustive, it will allow Internet users to have access to your services and activities. You can incorporate several features such as a blog, a transactional portion and even a subscription area.

In fact, there are no limits on what a website can contain. All you need to do is to make a good analysis of what you want.

En fait, il n’y a pas de limites sur ce que peut contenir un site web. Il suffit que d’effectuer une bonne analyse de ce que vous voulez.

The revamp

The redesign is for you, if you want to keep the substance of your current site and change the image and functionality. During a reorganization we touch on several aspects including : The visual, the performance, the natural referencing and the writing of the code.

Updating your website is very important for your customers who are becoming more and more demanding on their browsing habits. It is necessary to follow the evolution of the internet and the search engines.


Here is an overview of the industries we can help you develop your future website. We are open to working with many different sectors. Our research and analysis methods are efficient.

  • Real estate
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Camping
  • Travel
  • Restaurant
  • Retail business
  • Blog
  • Agro-tourism
  • Medical
  • And much more…



Opt for a high-performance website at the cutting edge of technology. Let us help you stand out from the competition. Be #1 in Google, because being well positioned pays off.

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Site internet incluant 3 pages **

Détails du forfait de site Web

Nous construirons un site Web WordPress personnalisé en fonction de vos échantillons fournis, de la direction et des directives de la marque.

1 499 $

Forfait Bronze

** 280 $ par page de site Web supplémentaire


Site internet incluant 3 pages **

Détails du forfait de site Web

Nous construirons un modèle de site Web WordPress en fonction de vos échantillons fournis, de la direction et des directives de la marque.

2 499 $

Forfait Argent

*Le plugin Web defender est inclus pour la période d’un an suivant la date de mise en ligne du site web.

** 280 $ par page de site Web supplémentaire


Site internet incluant 3 pages **

Détails du forfait de site Web

Nous construirons un site Web à partir de zéro avec des maquettes sur un CMS WordPress en fonction de vos exigences pour un succès ultime.

3 599 $

Forfait Or

*Le plugin Web defender est inclus pour la période d’un an suivant la date de mise en ligne du site web.

** 280 $ par page de site Web supplémentaire



Détails du forfait refonte de site web

Étant donné que tout les sites internet sont différent, il est impossible pour nous de mettre un prix fixe sur une refonte de site internet. N’hésitez pas de communiquer avec nous pour que nous puissions faire l’évaluation et vous donnez le meilleur prix possible. 

obtenez une soumission

sur demande



Détails du forfait Entreprise d'envergue

Nous proposons la conception de sites Web personnalisés au niveau de l’entreprise pour les entreprises de grande envergure. Pour des budgets de plus de 25 000$

obtenez une soumission

sur demande


Here are some of our most frequently asked web design questions and answers.

Our standard delivery time is between 3 to 6 weeks. However, we are subject to several factors that can slow down certain design phases. This is why we will need your cooperation to provide us with the necessary information during the initial stages.

Don’t worry, all our projects are accompanied by a work schedule that is updated regularly.


Yes, the moment we deliver your website, it belongs to you. You are free!

No, SEO is not included in the creation of our websites. However, the technical aspect (the structure) of our websites is. Your texts, images and videos will be seen by Google, but it does not mean that you will be ranked #1.

You can learn more about our SEO services.


You must provide us with all the images you want to include in your website. The images must be of good quality, which we will then modify to optimize them for the web. In the event that you cannot provide us with all the necessary images, we can offer you royalty-free images.

Ask about our packages.

Absolutely, you will have access to a dashboard that will allow you to update your website. You will be able to add images, texts, new products, change prices, etc.  However, we recommend a professional (developer) to perform some transformations and for more complex maintenance, such as plug-in updates, structure or design modifications.

We can offer you a maintenance service on a monthly basis.

See our packages.


Oui, nous possédons plusieurs forfaits d’hébergement. Il ne reste qu’à savoir celui qui s’adapte le mieux à votre entreprise. Par la même occasion, nous pouvons nous occuper de vous trouver votre nouveau domaine, ou encore gérer un domaine déjà existant.

Certainly! Having a website that adapts to different types of screens is more important. It makes for a better customer experience, which is why it is one of our standards. We also strive to optimize our websites for the various types of web browsers.

We ask that you write your own copy, as you are in a better position than anyone else to sell your business. However, if you need help, we can do all or part of the work for you.

An additional fee will apply.

No, depending on our clients’ requests, we sometimes use other CSM (Content Management Systems) that are better suited for their situations. However, WordPress remains the best CMS, it powers more than 42% of the websites on the internet.

At this time, we accept payment by direct transfer, Interac transfer or PayPal.

Just send us an email or fill out the form and we will contact you within the next business day.

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